Hash 1431


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Old Inn - Halwell
Totnes Road, Halwell, Devon, TQ9 7JA
Hares: Ching Chong & & Can't Come
What 3 Words: dusty.wound.pouting

Event Type

The Words According to GHR

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..
Disclaimer: around 99% of anything said below will have no relation to actual events that happened.
The Gathering. It is the usual dark cold Wednesday evening around seven thirty as we gathered at The Old Inn Halwell.
Rhino calls order and the usual spiel told. I’m astounded to hear my name menƟoned again! It turns out it’s my turn to write the words again, something I’m very keen to avoid and certainly wouldn’t do it for that Plympton lot.

The Trail. It was Ching Chong and Cant Come’s virgin lay tonight and I would like to say what a great hash it was too, unfortunately!!!!!!!!!
Ching Chong, whilst laying the trail was aƩacked by a big black Aberdeen Angus, she retaliated by throwing a load of flour over it. So that’s where all the flour went!
There was the usual instrucƟons from the Hares and off we went up the main road and safely escorted across the road along a foot path and into the country side. There were the usual marks, some checks. There were rivers and fields, Shiggy and sƟles, kissing gates and estuaries and some woods. Hills and footpaths. There were some long short splits and there were some bits where we all ran together. There was a great Beer stop too.
Ching Chong lost the trail completely, she didn’t want to confuse the hash by puƫng down a check due to poor weather condiƟons. This certainly confused Tripple Top as he ran 10 miles doing both the long and the short and was branded a loner (I sƟll love ya mate). Jyde and Fallen Woman were caught trespassing, opening front doors of houses just to have a nosey inside.
Rhino and Whisperer were running together when a squeal of delight was heard coming from Rhino, its not known whether she slipped or Whisperer was trying to put her torch back in her pocket.

The Pub. We were told to pipe down and shut up. Quite a few hashers were menƟoned who were not present. A few of the things said.
Vinderloo Drops her friends every week to go who knows where. Well this week SHE was spoƩed.
This hot and fiery young lady has been seen chaƫng to what can only be described as a Mr Darcey on Horse Back.
Pye We all think she is the dedicated dog lover, but tonight she was seen handing Kevin a treat and when the beloved sibling Tor came over she was told off.
Knockers Every week she comes with Undercovers, he drives his flash sports car, lady on his arm looking the dashing gentleman, would anyone else like to remind him of walking into a glass door at Avonwick.
Ellen has a thing that she likes to strip off. Whenever she can gets her kit off. It allows her to feel free young, alive and spontaneous. She is also a lover of the water and coastline. Always the first to de-robe. She has been known to just jump out the car and whip her clothes off and has had a few encounters with the odd peeping Tom. As she was being named tonight, a few names were menƟoned by the RA. Skinny Dip, Plop plop, Denude, Strip Off, Strip Naked, Striptease, Peel off, Bare all, Rough Floater, BuƩ naked. A few other names were shouted out by the hash, to which Dogger got the loudest cheer. I believe that’s how we do it. Welcome to the hash Dogger.

Down downs went to
The hares Ching Chong & Cant Come
Birthdays Fallen Woman & Whisperer

Next weeks Hash. Hunters Lodge Inn TQ9 7ES
Hares – MorƟcia and Gomez

Post script. If you think the word Rhino is a typo, ask her.