Hash 1432


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Hunters Lodge Inn
Cornworthy, Totnes, TQ9 7ES
Hares: Morticia & & Gomez
What 3 Words: beak.surgical.visit

Event Type

The Words According to Ging Gang aka Olive

Editor – I take no responsibility for the content posted here – I’ll leave it to your own judgement as to any sense! They are actually quite entertaining with a little pruning Olive xx

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

The words according to Olive…
Firstly, how on earth did I end up with this job you might ask…
I had already had the journey of all journeys. Already running late and Filth waiting eagerly for the car share in said Galaxy that had just arrived back from the garage with new said engine. That’s another story but I will leave it there. Cars do not swim well on water… Just saying Blue Nunn!! Nor do they like unnamed roads Filth!!!

Circle up was called to order by our esteemed GM and then the little black book came out with hashers names for writing of the words. My memory of a little black books was certainly full of names but did not result in writing. Oh, to be young again! First name up was Dulux! No Dulux!!
Was she away on some beautiful yacht sailing the Mediterranean or did Storm Babet put her off??
Ging Gangs name was then immediately mentioned and next on the list and this followed with a conversation around “there are only a few who have not written the words for 2023”. It was clearly far too wet for the nasty arrow last night!!
Ging Gang was not around to defend herself as both Goolie and Ging Gang were looking for a space big enough to park the large white Bentley (Ed – pretty sure it’s a Jaguar last time I looked). It was suddenly agreed that Ging Gang was the words writer for Cornworthy and after her last edition we were all looking forward to these as her last edit was superb. The question remains did Goolie or Ging Gang write them. We will never know or did they pay someone to write them. Either way they were brilliant.

We had some visitors and returnees as well:
We welcomed back Primarnie. First sighting for a while but let’s be fair he only had to walk outside his front door.
We were also graced with an athlete last night not any old athlete might I add a professional marathon runner with all the gear and no idea. He trains with Paula Radcliffe. Wow!! Welcome Tiffany or is it Ratners!!

Well, as we were rounded up it was time to listen to the usual lies and under exaggerations on distances – but wait this was Gomez and Morticia. if there was ever a hero’s award it does need to go to Morticia and Gomez. What can we say storm Babet certainly made an interesting day for laying.
8 large bags of white powder was used! (Any one else seen Cocaine Bear??)
It was a hash with hills, mud, shiggy, and Shaggy, and more hills and more Cow Pat. We can always depend on the Adams family for laying a hash of all hashes and it must be noted that Gomez swept us all up through storm Babet beautifully.
As said the rain was horizontal, but it did not stop us enjoying ourselves – Proper Hash as Gaffer would say (And probably did if he could be heard over the wind).
Walking through the field of thick deep mud felt like the end of the day when you have taken the wrong ski slope and your family want to kill you as all the lifts have closed. I can’t imagine who I would be referring too.
Up the first mahoosive hill we went and noticed immediately Triple Top having a wee. There was speculation made on his privates. Was it 3.5 inches was heard chorusing around. Come on hashers have some respect when you need to go, you need to go and besides it was a cold night!!
I’m quite surprised the weather report was correct 200mm of rain in such a short time. The river was fast flowing and Barbarella and I ran particularly fast. It was the thought of a tree coming down on top of us plus Low Task (Ed – I think you mean LowTArse) was missing (Who is to blame for us getting lost each week). Actually, that’s not entirely true we got lost on more than one occasion last night due to following Rusty and Little
Chef and all you could hear was Gomez shouting “Rusty and Little Chef can you not read checks?”

Barbarella and I felt like we were back at school as the teachers’ pets. Some of you here would not know what the meaning of this is as some I understand never even when to school.

Rear Entry has an awful reputation (Editor wants to leave this as a Statement) (Ed- I have), as always being the fastest but, he cheats on a regular basis and shockingly, he led Triple Top astray and they both ended up doing half of the hash.
The question has been asked tonight could this be why he is always first back? No Jury required – he is a cheat a cad and quite frankly unworthy of any praise, has anyone
seen Rear Entry kick out a check??? Or even shout on on come to think of it.

Rizzo should have been home from home as Cornworthy was where she grew up apparently so why on earth did she end up getting lost.

So the return of Primarnie – sporting a new pair of trainers and not any old trainers a pair of Gucci at that. Your Mother must have more money than sense. Gucci trainers to a hash? Worthy of a Down Down sadly we didn’t organise Babycham, maybe next time. Don’t be a stranger, we look forward to seeing the Louis Vuittons next time!! Gucci is very common don’t you know!!

A thanks must go to Goolie who jumped in at the last minute as the RA never showed as she was poorly. Get well soon!

Whisperer was seen bringing in his own Larger and sharing with another hasher who has been sited beer swapping. Next they will be sitting there with their hip flasks. There are more ways to save for Thailand.

Down Downs went to
Olive for her Starksy and Hutch driving,
Rear Entry for cheating and not finishing the hash,
Gomez and Morticia for laying a superb hash as always and the superb sweeping,
the athlete Tiffany (Ed – not his official hash name)
and of course Primarnie for his new brand-new shoes.

ON ON TO Crooked Spire Ermington .
Love Olive aka Ging Gang.