Hash 1435 – Bonfire Hash


7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Journeys End Car Park
Middle of Ringmore, Ringmore, TQ7 4HL
Hares: Goolie & & Lo-T-arse
What 3 Words: handicaps.focus.troll

Event Type

Sorry for the delay! The words according to Little Chef:

คบเพลิงเริ่มจุดที่เวลาสองทุ่มยี่สิบห้านาที ตรงเวลามาก แบบไม่รอใคร พุธนี้เรามีสมชิคหน้าใหม่ มาเพิ่มเติมสามคน. หาทางสิ่งหุบเหวดเยอะม้ากถึงมากที่สุด จุดแป้ง ทางแยกทำได้ดีมาก ไม่มีใครหลงทาง. ถึงบ้านกูลี่มีไวทือุ่นๆๆรองรับทุกคนรวมถึงขนมและของหวานให้กินตามอัธยาศัย พร้อมกับดื่มด้ำความสวยงามของพลุที่ กูลี่ วิบบ้า รีเอ็นทรี ทั้งสามคนช่วยกันจุด และมี รัมเบอร์รี่คอยช่วยดับไฟอยู่ห่างๆๆ หลังจากนั้นก็ตามกันมาที่ผับ แล้วมาเจอ ดิมวิบกับโบวออฟ นั่งกินอาหารกละเบียร์แบบชิวมาก….ส่วนชีรีดี มองไม่เห็นป้ายจอดรถประจำทาง.

ในผับ ตอนดาวดาว

สคิวสบอลฝากขนมหวาน ซึ่งลิตเติลเชฟไม่รู้จักมาให้กับโอลิฟ….Oh!!!! ของคุณโอลีฟที่สุด…….ทั้งหมดเกิดขึ้นในวันจุดพลุของชาวฮัทฮัท โห่เลย์!!!!

Good luck with Google translate!

An account of what can be remembered from the night such a long time ago (from Bit of Ruff’s notes)…

The night was clear, and as always, the fireworks hash started with strict instructions to be at Goolies mansion for 8:25pm as the fireworks would start without delay. We welcomed the 3 virgins (Ruth and sorry I have missed the other names), did the usual notices and a joke that has since been lost to time, then all set off on a hashing adventure.
There were some checks, some crosses and a massive hill to get over to get to where the main action would be taking place that evening. It was all very pleasant and well marked.

We turned up on time and we were told and prepared ourselves for the fire that had been known to trigger the interest of the local fire brigade in previous years (although Goolie had assured us that this year everyone that needed to be had been informed). We drank mulled wine and mulled cider that was very nice and luckily for those drivers not quite as strong as some of the previous punches Ging Gang has made.

The fire was struggling a bit this year but given the amount of rain it was good that it was going at all. Goolie was explaining the preferred measures of petrol to diesel to achieve this. The first couple of fireworks went up and we were wondering where the “Bangs” were, we were then informed that they had been supplied by Whisperer and the louder ones were on their way. GHR had a near miss with a rocket landing very close behind him and there were some sticks a fair way in the ground around the house, but the cries from the hashers were of delight and not pain so it was another successful event!

After a race up the hill back to the Journeys End we found Dimwit and Blown off already enjoying a beer an food – there must have been a tactical escape earlier… She’s Ready was found in the bus stop – sorry no more notes on that.

In the pub we found out that:

Squashed Balls had sent a special delivery of Pontefract cakes to Little Chef via Olive and a drop in Totnes – thank you.

The awards for the previous halloween hash fancy dress were announced and went to:

Wet Spot – Best Mask
Filth – Best Female
Overshot – Best Male


Primarni won the hash – It’s not a race…
Who Gives a Shit drives a girls car – Range Rover Evoke…
Pony Shafter can’t drive…
Rubbery won the biggest van parked on a single-track competition – there was only one entrant…
Oui Oui had new shoes…
Willy Wavier nearly fell over a plant pot…
GHR had stitches – comment from Ging Gang – “Rod, did you hit him?”…
Whisperer and Piltdown Man complemented Overshot’s running style…

Down downs went to:

Goolie and Lotarse – Hares
(sorry forgotten name) – Virgin
Ruth – Virgin
Willy Wavier – Plant pot
Piltdown Man – probably running style

It was on-on to the Green Dragon, BUT THAT HAS NOW GONE… so on-on to somewhere else this week

A cautionary tale:

In creating this masterpiece, I thought I could heavily rely on the notes I took on my phone during the evening, I thought I had done a good job. Not writing them up quickly, forgotten context and predictive text had other ideas. These are the bits I couldn’t decipher but maybe you can:

Best mask – wetsuit
Nice buns – full of goths – gothophobia – cure joke and a mission
Goodie fireworks – quiet fireworks
Blown off dimwit tactical withdrawl but she’s already ready in the bus stop
Hole on floor of car to lay down the road
Cow pat brown streak
Primani took a shine to blown off some star trek gag
Pressure for can’t come going up hill

SH4 Mismanagement Committee