Hash 1456


12:00 am - 11:30 pm


South Brent Station Car Park
Station Car Park, South Brent, TQ10 9AL
Hares: Willy Waver &
What 3 Words: batches.lovely.saved

Event Type

The Words according to TWISTED SISTER

Hash 1456 – SOUTH BRENT

We circled up in a cold and windy South Brent, a bit low in numbers due to the Hash Bash seemingly being a Super-Spreader event. Undeterred, the hash got under way under the careful guidance of stand-in GM Spotty Botty, as Rizzo had been struck down by the Hash Bash Lurgy (I suspect she was Patient Zero!).

The trail headed up onto Brent Tor, where – apparently – the trail stopped and the majority of the hashers got lost in the fog. Rear Entry must have been one of the most lost, as he clocked up 7.3miles – nearly a mile more than (Ed. most of…) the rest of the Longs. Still, he didn’t win the award ‘Most Lost’ of the night, as Olive and Low-T-Arse didn’t even make it back to the pub – further proof that it isn’t Barbarella that leads them astray.

Low-T-Arse soon regretted leaving Twisted Sister unsupervised in the pub in her new role of Hare Razer, as she managed to persuade Barbarella it was a great idea to lay another hash, and promised that Low-T-Arse would love to be her co-hare. Apparently, Twisted Sister is now banned from mentioning Low-T-Arse’s name in her Hare Razing persuasion (we’ll see how long that lasts!). [Ed. In TS’s defence, she did have a bit of time to fill that evening…😁]

Back in the pub, it was a slow news night, as evidenced by the three tiny bits of paper Spotty collected as notes for her RA’ing. The hares were thanked for a lovely trail, then told they clearly needed more practise as there were a grand total of four On Home markings, and Badcock managed to get the majority of the Longs lost. Triple Top [Ed. scribe had ‘Tipple Top’…although I’m sure the ensuing fall was wholly unrelated 🙃] took a tumble out on the trail, then very uncharacteristically chose to do the Short trail. Poor Shaggy had to not one but two false trails – bet she actually kicked out the checks when she ran back through them! [Ed. Shaggy was so far behind by then, on both occasions, there was no need!] I also made a note about Rubbery, but can’t read my own writing, so he can get away with whatever he did [Ed. probably for the best 😉].

DOWN DOWNS went to:

• Willy Waiver – Hare
• Badcock – Hare
• Nice Tackle – Naming
• Marty – Welcome back!
• Triple Top – For his topple.
• Barbie – taking one for Boaty.

ON ON to IVYBRIDGE for Dimmers’ Birthday Hash! 🥳🏃🍻