Hash 1459


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Ridge Road Junction
Junction at merafield Road to Ridge Rd, Plymouth , PL7 1UF
Hares: Gaffer &
What 3 Words: menu.prices.order

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Parking is along the side of Ridge Road.  On Down is at the Elburton Inn (click for address)

The Words according to CHING CHONG

Hash 1459 – PLYMPTON

Can’t Come and I were the last to arrive at Gaffer’s favourite dogging zone, somewhere off the A38 near Plympton. He clearly knows the woods like the back of his hands (or the back of something), and Triple Top (bravely) went for a pee during circle up – and (perhaps dangerously), at some point in the woods, his torch ran out of battery. Talk about not the time or the place.

I’m not exactly sure where we were as Can’t Come and I were having our usual pre-hash argument in the car about me not being ready to leave on time, and him seemingly wanting to hit the pot holes. It was a Plympton start with Plympton marks, which caused a bit of confusion for the lazy SH4’s at times (Ed. outrageous slur!). It was also the first day of spring, allegedly – not that we heard bleating lambs, just traffic – but Gardener was so excited he wet his plants, and NEWS FLASH! She’s Ready’s hen decided not to get in the spirit of the occasion and suddenly stopped laying eggs! Clearly not a spring chicken. That was her Sunday lunch sorted.

I’m not too familiar with the Plympton hashers as yet, but not long after we’d set off, a charming, young and ambitious chap called Fluffy Dice tried to overtake the Walkers on the narrow path, but failed dismally and got stung and scratched to bits trying to rejoin the end. Then, just as he thought everything was going swell, Dimwit and Wetspot wound him up by telling him he was on the long. Wetspot continued his malicious campaign by scaring Vindaloo with ghost stories. Thank god she didn’t know that Lady Gagger’s todger was on the loose – that would’ve finished her off in those creepy old woods.

Meanwhile, having never been to that area hashing, I was quite enthralled by the lights of Plymouth on the other side of the estuary, and running through the Saltram Estate with my hashing Mum, Little Chef – well she did name me! Love that lady… (Mum, if you’re reading this, sorry I don’t talk too much when we’re running, I still find myself on the brink of death when I run for more than a minute.)

The route was rather precarious at times, and although I don’t have the details, apparently Virgin Jade almost died and Overshot was spotted sliding down a slippery slope like ‘Bambi on ice’. And where was the Walkers trail? Poor buggers went round and round in circles like teddy bears.

Well done to Know Nuts for completing the Grizzly, and also to Pony Shafter who’s retired (from shafting ponies?) and wants to grow old disgracefully (well if the video I saw of him at the Post-Christmas bash is anything to go by, he’s got nothing to worry about).

Dogger (apologies: Gaffer) and Yeuk chose the Elburton pub for drinkies, but GHR drove the wrong way there. A kind and thirsty hasher let him change lanes and GHR then got to the pub carpark first and got the last parking spot. Just super.

Congratulations go to Nice Buns for her 300 runs vest, and to Filth and Shaggy for their birthdays.

On on to the safety of The Globe Inn at Frogmore.


DOWN DOWNS were awarded to:
• Gaffer & Yeuk – Hares
• Nice Buns – 300 T-Shirt
• Filth – Birthday
• Shaggy – Birthday
• Jade – for surviving (Virgin – guest of Grumpy Arse)

ON ON to FROGMORE [see below].

🏃 📸 🍻 You can enjoy (unedited) highlights from the Plympton (Saltram) hash 1459 on 20 March 2024, and afterwards at The Elburton Inn, by checking out Hash Flash’s purpose-built photo album on the SH4 Facebook Group 📸 🏃🍻


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HASH 1460 – FROGMORE – 27 March, 2024
CIRCLE UP: The Globe Inn
Frogmore, TQ7 2NR
What3Words: whispers.drfitwood.forced

As above.

Hares: Morticia & Gomez
RA: Squashed Balls

🍟 Please order food before the run! 🍟

Please see the Hash 1460 event page on the SH4 Facebook Group for further details.

Add your photos of the evening’s happenings at FROGMORE (Weds 27 March, 2024) to the Hash 1460 photo album.

📝 If you’re the lucky Scribe at FROGMORE this week, please submit your edition of The Words to thewords@sh4.org.uk – by Sunday evening, ideally – thank-you-please! 📝

Saturday 21st September, 2024

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