Hash 1461


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Timbers Car Park, Aveton Gifford
Tidal Road, Aveton Gifford
Hares: Shaggy &
What 3 Words: huddle.complain.shepherdess

Event Type

On Down is The Fishermans Rest

Food at pub needs to be pre-ordered: menu choices to me by Tues night (2 April), please:

Soup & roll £6.00
Salt & pepper squid £9.75
Blazing shrimp £9.95
Sausages & chips £7.00
Battered Sausages & chips £7.10
Burger & chips £7.75
Scampi & chips £9.25
Chicken goujons & chips £8.50
Beef chilli nachos £12.50
Whitebait £8.00
Veggie burger & chips £7.75
Chips £3.95
Chips & cheese £4.70
Onion rings £3.95

The Words according to SPOTTY BOTTY


We circled up on what started as a very confusing evening – it wasn’t raining. Our fantastic GM began the evening with one of her compendium of jokes – but it was delivered so swiftly that some missed it – “What about daughters? Animals? Kittens?” Shaggy, now a very experienced hare (Ed. Yes, an imposing FOUR [or a tenuous five, if you count a Post-Xmas Hare O’The Dog stagger] previous hashes under her belt: ‘The blind leading the blind’ was a phrase that surfaced more than once…), took out virgin hare, Anus Felis, to show him how it’s done (good girl). Being very well prepared, the hares had decided on flour and sawdust – the rain held off and said prepared sawdust was excellent at disguising itself with mud (Ed. what we have learned: hardwood sawdust = sub-optimal visibility when wet. And in the dark.) – that being said, NO-ONE got lost (Ed. Well, only temporarily…). We also welcomed two Virgins, brought along by Overshot – would they be as competitive, we wondered (Competitive? Overshot? Never!).

I have Olive’s copious notes, so will split The Words into two – the hash bit, and the pub bit…

Hash bit
Re-Entry was very rude (shocker) and covered Rizzo in mud, thus upsetting the weekly hair-washing routine. Benji, the Brizzolcastle virgin, was seen sliding everywhere, screaming his head off – apparently – not unlike the sounds heard during an orgasm (how do you know Overshot? what kind of ‘friendship’ is this?). Know Nuts started his run fabulously well trying to keep up with Lord Overshot and Re-Entry, which swiftly involved the use of the local defib. in AG. Marty and Spotty showed how clever they are with multi-tasking by winning the Medium and talking non-stop….

Pub bit (these notes were more comprehensive)
Triple Top has recovered well after a trip away with Blue Nun – he can finally sit down…from the cycling, you understand. Blue Nun is still recovering from Triple Top’s rather unique talent of snoring. There are 3 types of snoring: 1. Nasal Snoring 2. Mouth Snoring and 3. Tongue Snoring (N.B. in Spotty’s house. there is a fourth: snoring with a full body-twitch, a talent my husband may regret owning), all attributed to blocked nasal passages. Olive’s advice to poor Lady Gaga (or Lady Gagger)? PILLOW ON THE FACE.

Easter brings with it a sense of new beginnings – and, turns out for some, a change of career: our beloved Dimmers (Ed. or Dimwit, for the purists…) is no longer an electrician but instead has turned to the monkhood and moved to Buckfast Abbey, where the roast dinners are excellent and a local tonic cures all evil.

A certain harriette (she knows who she is, especially as she is writing this) would benefit from some healing tonic, especially as she may have partaken in a few too many glasses of fizz at Olive’s and may or may not have stumbled over in a hedge on the way home – bruises for proof (not, in fact, found the next day as Olive’s slanderous storytelling would have you believe).

With Dimmers [sic] changing his career, it turns out another hasher has a hidden career: we have a famous actor in our midst – none other than Larry Hankin, best known for his roles in Friends as Mr Hekkles and Breaking Bad as the salvage-yard owner. A Down Down would be the reward for the best guess as to which hasher this is (a photo would have supported this endeavour, but strangely disappeared from the hash chat…only to reappear later that night. How curious…).

Rizzo had enjoyed a jolly to Torbados on a mission to sell her puppies – and what a fine pair they are…(N.B. Rizzo went to buy kittens, not sell puppies, but that is less funny – although very exciting!).

On to the Down Downs:
Shaggy – Hare
Anus Felis – Hare
Virgin Benji (from Brizzcastle)
Virgin Ashley
Dimmers – for his conversion from electrician to monk
Marty – for winning the Medium

Lo’Tarse proudly took ownership of a 700 t-shirt – well done Lo’Tarse.

Hearty thanks were given to the pub – ON ON to ERMINGTON!

🏃 📸 🍻 You can enjoy highlights from the drizzly, shiggy-y Aveton Gifford hash 1461 on 3 April 2024, and afterwards at The Fisherman’s Rest, by checking out Hash Flash’s purpose-built photo album on the SH4 Facebook Group 📸 🏃🍻


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ON DOWN: As above

Hares: Lo’Tarse & Barbarella

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