Hash 1462


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Crooked Spire
The Crooked Spire Inn, Ermington, Devon, PL21 9LP
Hares: Low-T-Arse & & Barbarella
What 3 Words: taller.rolled.pressing

Event Type

The Words according to PINKY

Hash 1462 – ERMINGTON

On a warm sunny evening in the square outside The Crooked Spire in Ermington, a gathering of Hashers eventually quietened down for an inspirational gem from the GM, Rizzo… Asking Hashers to remember things is asking too much, even if it was only a week back… A visitor, Speedy Gonzalez, stepped up as a welcome guest from Winchester HHH. I am sure a lot more happened at the Circle Up, but I couldn’t hear…especially the bit about writing The Words!

ON ON that way…and then the Square was empty. Peace returns.

As it has been very dry recently (Ed. good one…🙄😂), several hashers were surprised by the amount of moisture, wet trainers, socks, feet and even the odd Goolie…was heard to say “it’s so moist”. Marks seemed to evaporate, unlike the water. Some say checks were kicked out in the wrong direction; some say Nice Tackle was leading; some say Gaffer is a poet; some say Olive is already auditioning for Panto, if arriving in slippers is a clue…but for which part?

The infamous lane from the banks of the Erme to the dizzy heights of Westlake Beacon was a particular favourite of Barbarella’s as she did it four times (Ed. 😳 Hare-ing at its most conscientious and diligent). Not one for over-stating, Led Astray’s encounter with barbed wire and the slight dampness was likened to WW1 Somme experience… but methinks he got away lightly tonight.

Oui-Oui, or now known as Wee-Wee after Brexit, did not invite the Hash to celebrate her Big Birthday atop Table Mountain…(Ed. some people are just soooo selfish…)

Grumpy Arse, on the other hand, has the key of the door and was happy to celebrate in true hash style: even the dogs joined in with the melodious rendition of Happy Birthday…

Single-handed Scott behind the bar was rightly thanked for excellent pulling of pints and roasting of paarsties.

Filth, clipboard in hand, distributed forms asking for personal details apparently for GDPR compliance…or is there a rival to Tinder & Grinder starting up? ‘Shiggy’ & ‘Groaner’…? (Ed. Gah! How could we have been so blind??) What next? Risk Assessments??

Twisted Sister, with pen in hand and twisting of arms, had a fruitful time recruiting hares.

Triple Top’s attempt to leave early was thwarted by the eagle eyed RA, Re-Entry, and he was awarded his 100 Wasted Wednesdays…briefly displaying all as he donned his 100th tee-shirt.

Good luck to Boaty McBoatface for his leisurely stroll around the London Marathon Course (Ed. please see bijou and not-at-all pushy little plug on this subject, below)…hope the cobbles are covered!

Down Downs went to:

Lo’Tarse & Barbarella – hares
Grumpy Arse – birthday girl
Speedy Gonzalez – visitor with a lot to say
Gaffer – the poet?
Nokkers – for attempting that very old trick of turning water into wine…while the rest of us manage the reverse miracle with ease! (Ed. magicians, all! 👏)


🏃 📸 🍻 You can enjoy highlights from the almost-daylight Ermington hash 1462 on 10 April 2024, and afterwards at The Crooked Spire, by checking out Hash Flash’s purpose-built photo album on the SH4 Facebook Group 📸 🏃🍻


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HASH 1463 – STOKENHAM – 17 April, 2024

CIRCLE UP: Outside The Tradesman’s Arms
What3Words: pranced.sprinkle.ethic

ON DOWN: (Inside) The Tradesman’s Arms

Hares: Little Chef and Bit of Ruff
RA: Spotty Botty

The Tradesman’s Arms, as many will know, was devastated by fire in September 2021 but, after two and a half years of hard work to restore the building, it relaunched with a ‘soft opening’ on 5 April (2024).

It looks as though SH4’s Hash 1463, orchestrated by locals Bit Of Ruff and Little Chef, will be (one of, if not) it’s first ‘event’ after reopening – how exciting!

For full details, please see the Hash 1463 event page on the SH4 Facebook Group.

Add your photos of the evening’s shenanigans at STOKENHAM (Weds 17 April, 2024) to the Hash 1462 photo album.

📝 If you’re the lucky Scribe at STOKENHAM next week, please submit your edition of The Words to thewords@sh4.org.uk – by Sunday evening (21 April), ideally – thank-you-please! 📝

As the eagle-eyed among you may have discerned from Pinky’s fine Words (above), or be otherwise aware, SH4’s belovèd BOATY (McBOATFACE, to grace him with his full title) will be among the almost 60,000-strong determined throng wending its way around the London Marathon course next Sunday, 21st April.

Boaty has chosen to support the NSPCC with his fundraising efforts for the event, and would be really grateful for any amount folk might be able to contribute towards this cause – click on the ‘Donation link’ below (links to Boaty’s JustGiving web page), or scan the QR code with your phone’s camera/QR-scanning app, to donate.

Donation link: https://rb.gy/yotah7

Help make those 26.2 miles a little less agonising!
(With big thanks from Boaty)

Saturday 21st September, 2024

Confirm your place now, if you haven’t already! 👣

🌟 🌟 🌟 Register here: https://bit.ly/RamboSM2024 🌟 🌟 🌟
OR scan the QR code, below:


AND watch this space for more exciting hashing events coming up in 2024, including (but by no means limited to) Summer Solstice, the SH4 1500 Hash, and Pre-Xmas!
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