Hash 1153


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Leonards Road Car Park
Leonards Road, Ivybridge, PL21 0SL
Hares: Sushi & TBC
What 3 Words: informs.manly.flopping

Event Type

On Down at The Sportsmans Inn (click on postcode below for map)

Exeter Road
PL21 0BQ

Tel: 01752 892280

So engrossed was I in Josh Howie’s Radio 4 comedy, that I nearly forgot to set off for the Hash, so Filth was left waiting in the car park, wondering whether I’d changed my mind, or got lost between KB & AG .. then I forgot it was my turn to

No panic, we arrived in plenty of time .. Overshot gave a short history of how Ivybridge got its name, then introduced a visitor by the name of Henry, from Ash Hash. Thanks were given to Rear Entry & Flage for amazing organisation of the Barn Dance at the weekend. Then Sushi explained the various combinations of shorts and longs and then we were off!

Oooops .. forgot to mention the nippy red sports car that Gaffer drove up in, nudging The Jerk off the grid.

I didn’t see much action on the Hash, as I was busy discussing holiday plans with Rabid. I hear that Squashed Balls had the audacity to short-cut the Walkers route .. but then he did have a posh dinner to attend with Twin Buffers. Apparently
he’s just achieved his 3000th squash “win” versus 887 losses .. where did these stats come from?

Sushi kindly organised two river crossings that were possible without ever getting wet feet (yay!) .. apparently the longs went up onto the moor, but the shorts stayed down by the river, where the tree roots and stones caused several
injuries … Windy Puff and Mike both ended up with sprained ankles, and were seen bathing their injuries in the cool stream water. Traffic Jam .. yes, that’s me .. did an amazing horizontal dive, having caught her toe on the tiniest of rocks,
landing on her belly and severely winding herself .. but barely a scratch! However, Barbarella has taught us all a lesson about scratches and grazes!

Back in the car park, The Jerk was found to be entertaining a bunch of ladies as he stripped down to his jockeys, or were they just impressed by his soft top?

At the Sportsman’s, Overshot, the RA, gave Willy Waiver a mention for saving IVF from short cutting. There was a shocking revelation that, although the Plympton visitors are paying their subs every week, are not being “ticked off” on the register
by the On Secs!! .. maybe they’ll never get their red t-shirts!! A welcome was given to Ride-Along Rick after a long absence, and to the returning London Hasher, Testicular.

And so DownDowns were awarded to …
Sushi .. for Haring
Jack .. for being named Crackerjack
Mike .. for being named Bit Swollen (reference to his ankle!)
Gaffer .. must be the sports car
JP .. 200th blue t-shirt award .. well done!
Henry .. the visitor, for coming to the pub without a wallet!
and finally, Overshot .. for who knows what

Traffic Jam