Hash 1180


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Church House Inn (Harberton)
Church House Inn, Harberton, Devon
Hares: Morticia & Gomez
What 3 Words: ozone.latest.bibs

Event Type

The Words Hash 1180 according to JP

What … No Jyde !! Who on Earth’s gonna do the words ? … Oh well, we’ll carry on anyways

Apparently it was Running Late’s fault, or Hekkel’s … or the Sat Nav’s or summit. Or so Jyde tells me ! And so on a crisp January evening in Harberton, in spite of standing outside of a 13th century pub there is no history so we’re off on on !

The usual suspects soon disappeared into the distance. Well that’s okay init, at least the rest of us will know where to go after the FRB’s have kicked all of the checks out ! Is that right Re-Entry ? If only he had a “best friend” who could do it for him. Step up Tor ! At this point, thankfully for Overshot I’m not allowed to mention his brand new jacket for fears of tears over tears.

Meanwhile Boaty McBoatface was busying himself being ‘gallant’ (?) holding up wire, whatever floats yer boat boaty. Bee-flicker, Rubbery, Ging Gang and unnamed Claire were at this point all doing their best to get stuck in the mud. Did anyone check they all had a full complement of shoes back at the pub ?

By now we’re half way around the hash and running up through a lovely valley. We’re all DARTing about fields, we can hear a river but, ERME … where in hAVON is it ? Just keep running say the PLYMtpton lot … is that an OTTER ? No, a small car ? No, it’s a ford !

And so eventually across the elusive river we go. ‘Tis nice and shallow so we’re all okay ‘cept poor Gary Glitter who like the US President, doesn’t like getting her feet wet. Luckily she got a lift courtesy of Morticia. Speculation on my part but I suspect Donald Trump would have demanded a kayak or something similar to cross in. He doesn’t really like them though … says they’re fake canoes !

Back at the Church House Inn and the Down Downs were awarded to Squash Balls, Cow Pat, Gary Glitter, Pimples and wonderful hares Morticia & Gomez

On on to Buckfastleigh


Message from Morticia and Gomez re: hash at Harbeton on Wednesday.
The pub has a special offer on their Sirloin steak on a weds. It’s usually £20 but on weds you can have 2 for £30 with a bottle of house wine thrown in. ‘All the trimmings’ included.