Hash 1208


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Leonards Road Car Park
Leonards Road, Ivybridge, PL21 0SL
Hares: GHR, She's Ready & and Come Tonight
What 3 Words: informs.manly.flopping

Event Type

The words 1208 according to Sticky Bush

The Words

Hash 3rd July Ivybridge,

On down The Exchange

A big thank you to the hares Genital Heat Rash and She’s Ready for the fantastic trail.

So…here’s the low down…

Rubbery and traffic were spotted holding hands in the woods, ah… his inner gentleman came out when he had the opportunity to help a lady struggling through her undergrowth.

Re-entry was taken from the lead momentarily when Cunning Stump jumped up and floored him. His scratches were visible to all especially when he showed them to everyone.  He wasn’t the only hasher to get wounded that night. Fob Jockey gained a much more impressive wound when he was savaged by a dire wolf beast..

Sex wax took a slow dip into wet knickerdom but didn’t notice as it was nothing new for her. Vindaloo also had fun in the water with her rear end.

GingGang, master vaulter, misjudged the rusty old gate and sustained nasty injuries to both arms as she flew over the top. This was a bad move as it she then had no chance taking on champion arm wrestler Twin Buffers.. GingGang was absolutely certain that she would not be getting a restorative tattoo in the form of a ‘W’ on each butt cheek…WOW

The Jerk did a bit of reminiscing to the time he was mono-skiing in budgie smugglers in Singapore in 1983. An image not to be forgotten.

There was a self-naming tonight. Good Shag’s partner was asked by Goolie if he had been named yet- he replied “no, but I think it’s going to be coming soon”… easy!

Down downs were awarded to-

Birthdays Shirt Lifter (20), Gary Glitter (21)

Hares Genital Heat Rash and She’s Ready

Naming Coming Soon

Fob Jockey – savaged by a wolf


On on to Thurlestone Sand’s carpark and then the Adam’s family house and yes you can bring your own champagne GingGang


Sticky Bush


On Down  Now The Exchange

1 fore street, Ivybridge PL21 9AB