Hash 1211


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Shipley Bridge
Shipley Bridge, South Brent, TQ10 9EL
Hares: Willy Waiver & Lazy Git
What 3 Words: shunning.epidemics.youths

Event Type

The words 1211 according to Rubbery

Hash 1211 Shipley Bridge, Packhorse Inn South Brent

So for the last few weeks, I have been keeping a bit quiet when it came up to R for doing the words, all the R’s were called out and then a few S’s and I thought wow I’ve got away with it! But being on the Hash Committee inner circle I should have known better, our esteemed GM out of the blue messaged the committee group and said “Rubbery did we miss your turn for the words btw?” and so naturally I had to own up that I hadn’t done them!

So I turned up to this week’s circle up, a couple of minutes late, to hear shouts of Rubbery you’re doing the words, but it came as no surprise.

The hares duly told their lies about the run, and despite the notoriety of running from this location and expectations of calling out mountain rescue for lost or injured hashers we set off – the Walkers up the tarmac trail and Longs & Shorts checking out the trail led by Rear Entry who found the first false trail and eventually called On back, must have been devastating for him to actually make a call!

So we filed back to the check and milled about before some of the pack found not one but two On On’s heading in roughly the same direction, I queried if the other hashers were actually on trail before they eventually teamed up on our trail and we set off up and up and up the moor.

We levelled off after a good half mile and ran on fairly level until we finally turned up towards the highest level and found a great Viewing Point – missed opportunity Hares!  At that point the stragglers clearly decided that was enough for them and around half a dozen turned back for home, whilst the rest of us carried on and wadded through the boggy marsh near the dam and Long / Short split and eventual downward route towards On Home and the car park.

On the route down there were numerous opportunities to enjoy a splash and paddle in the stream and for others a slip or push into the water.

Back at the car park we were treated to the Beer Stop with Genepi an Italian whisky liqueur and quite a nice party feel to the end of the hash.

Back at the pub wine, cider, beer, pizzas and cheesy chips were ordered before the RA called the hash to order for the alleged crimes to be aired.

Reports of devastating injury from Ticks on several hashers and a midge attack on Dulux were rumoured.

Rubbery was immediately singled out for several crimes: taking pictures of GingGangs bum, (needed a wide angle lens shot according to Pinky), slapping Deadmans bum on the way to the pub, spraying Piss Bags face on her way to the pub in The Jerks Merc with the top down.

Sex Wax found a skull and brought it back off the moor.

PissBag was reported as saying that she liked swimming naked with sharks and that that she would prefer to be named DoggyFashion and discussed this with GaryGlitter saying that she would prefer to be associated with the later rather than the former – GM maybe you need to revoke article 5 again? Even SquashBalls deferred from using her hash name….

Spotty Botty got her 100th run hash tee shirt.

Rear Entry said it was the best hash ever – again.

PiltDownMan fell over in the river, PonyShafter ended up sitting down in the river – did he fall or was he pushed.
Talking of pushing people in the river, it was alleged that not one but two families committed child abuse by pushing their offspring into the river – MuckSpreader and Nice Buns used the opportunity for a free bath for PulltheUdderOne and Profitterole; No Principles similarly dunked her daughter and son Harry and then left them cold and wet for 45 minutes as they had no towels, Dimmers unknowingly lent his towel robe, then said he wondered why it was wet!

No Principles daughter was put forward for naming as a result of her water exposure and was named Nemo.

The pub was thanked.

Down downs went to:
The hares – WillyWaiver and LazyGit


The Packhorse, South Brent