Hash 1232


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Loddiswell Inn
Loddiswell Inn, Loddiswell, England, TQ7 4QJ, Devon
Hares: Traffic Jam &
What 3 Words: headings.shrug.aviation

Event Type

Due to change of ownership, The pub is opening especially for us! So lots of Virgin fresh beer!

Limited food on the night, pob just cheesey chips! PLUS LEFT OVER XMAS CAKE!!

The words according to Boaty

Well I’m still in shock ! After only missing a couple of hashes ( due to Family expansion ) it seems there have been some drastic changes.
Firstly I get to the circle up  in the dead centre of Loddiswell and it Felt like I’d gone back to work, with needing to clock in ( Great idea by the way ) although Gaffer was last to arrive, and nobody seem bothered to let him know about the new system. Then! I couldn’t believe my ears! re-entry was reciting history, I was so amazed and confused that I can’t remember a word he said. So off we trot Into the cold ,Damp and dark lanes of Loddiswell , about a mile in and I am really regretting wearing my mud claws (my green trainers )  as we were running in circles on the roads and I was a bit like Bambi on ice , A little further on we went down into the valley when it became very misty and halo and I were viciously attacked from behind by Overshot drenching us in mud and water and muttering something about wetting the babies head !

The remainder of the hash was thoroughly enjoyable and pleasant for me but here is what else has happened on the hash –

Gary Glitter was seen stranded on a stone stile with legs dangling either side screaming for help , then when she finally got back to the car park she was having great difficulty trying to unlock Miss Mouthfuls Honda and after some time she asked for some help and was shown that she was trying to open it with a Fiat key .

In the pub where there was no hot food and we had to survive on crisps and nuts, although luckily Heckles incredibly delicious leftover cake from the weekend  had appeared and was enjoyed by all.

Doggie Style was  seen waving a pound in Overshots face to which he responded “ it’s not me you need to give that to its Dimwit “ to which she replied  “ all you older ones look the same to me ”

Then time for the RA , but before The jerk commenced he brought out a bag of lost property from the weekend, apart from a few dirty T-shirts, socks that everybody thought belonged to Whisperer, his reply was “ I don’t wear that shit “ !!!

there was Filthy madam nail varnish, which Meaty Whore didn’t even hesitate claiming!

Then a nice red bell which the Jerk was enjoying immensely until Barbarella Claimed it was hers, which we all know who she uses it to beckon.

Down  Downs were awarded to  :-

Traffic for being the hare

Beeflicker for sweeping

Gary glitter for getting her leg over and hare

Pugsley for his 300th hash

Boaty Mc Boatface for being a Dad

Alice’s first trip to the pub

On on to Avon inn in Avonwick