Hash 1405


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Crooked Spire
The Crooked Spire Inn, Ermington, Devon, PL21 9LP
Hares: Running Late &
What 3 Words: taller.rolled.pressing

Event Type

The words according to Boaty McBoatface

Circling up in the quaint square of Ermington the crowd grew larger and everyone was appreciating the warm dry weather, Squashed balls approached with a absolute beauty of a shiner! Allegedly it happened in a game or Was it one joke too many!!!!
After a few notifications about stuff going on and superior hashes offered by gaffer, I was then lucky enough to be chosen to do the words!
we were then swiftly sent on our way-

The main reported highlights were as follows :-

Re-entry happy running through the bluebells by himself.
1.put at least 5 mL of water on surgerplate.
2.Open Guinness surger can holding upright on a flat surface.
3.Pour slowly into Guinness pint glass at 45°.
4.Place glass on unit. Press the button to watch the Guinness surge and settle.
Cum tonight falling down enough times to be admitted to the special falling down clinic.
Bit of ruff getting every check wrong due to reaching half a century
alc.4.1% vol
Rizzo became frightened of the dark and insisted on putting on her torch even though it’s only dimpsy ! ( for the non-locals this means Dusk!)
Ingredients: water, barley, malt, barley, roasted barley, hop extract and nitrogen.
Olive changing her bra in full view of on coming vehicles! A good traffic calming solution?We could call them speed humps.
Gaffer was wearing his pyjamas to save time at home.
Please recycle.
Lotass received a national sewage alert on Sunday luckily after inspecting all of her plumbing she had not been affected.

Down downs went to
Jyde 700th wasted Wednesdays
the birthday peoples
Can’t cum
Going downs
Bitt of ruff
Cum tonight for falling over lots
Jyde 700th hash
Apologies if I’ve missed anything as all the notes from Squashed Balls were on a Guinness can !!

On on to Calancomb Estate