Hash 1420


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Modbury Long Stay Car Park
Modbury long stay car park, Poundwell Meadow, Modbury, Ivybridge, PL21 0XY
Hares: Goolie & & Vindaloo
What 3 Words: beast.conducted.rewarding

Event Type

The words according to Rusty Bottom

Hash No. 1420 Modbury – Hares – Goolie

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

(in Light of the generally pissy weather!!)

Oh what a night
Oh what a night, late July in twenty twenty three
what a very soggy night for me!, as I remember what a night…

Oh what a night, Tom and Annabel didn’t know the game,
And they were never gonna be the same, what a pair oh what a night

Oh I, Overshots’ a funny feelin’ in his new shoes,
and my, he worried they’d be dirty far too soon.

Oh , what a night, Pye was trawling for men for free,
she was picking the handsome ones happily,
sweet surrender, what a night

Gaffer felt a rush like a rollin’ ball of thunder,
bragging about his early running days of wonder

Oh I, Olives loss of knickers was in the old news,
and my, I hope she makes it back real soon!

Oh what a night, why’d Goolie choose the beer-stop tonight?,
seemed so wrong, but he felt it right,
illegal drinking what a night!

Oh I!, Re-entry felt a rush like a speeding ball of wonder,
wearing his ancient tough guy top from days of yonder.

Oh what a night!
Do-do-do, Do-do-do
Do-do-do-do-Oh what a night!!

Gaffer burbled on some more about the Mick Jagger and the Beano, something about the tour de France and
Yealmpton show.

Down downs went to:

Lowtarse for running up the hill when she needn’t
Whisperer for meandering round a graveyard
Softwood for turning up to the wrong hash
Goolie for trail laying
And Jyde (donated from Pye for kerb trawling)

(there weren’t enough verses for me to get them all in!!)

On-on to Prawle’s glitter hash!