hash 1428


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm


South Brent Station Car Park
Station Car Park, South Brent, TQ10 9AL
Hares: Tyred Bunny & & Jyde
What 3 Words: batches.lovely.saved

Event Type

Hash No. 1428 – The Station House Hotel South Brent – Hares – Jyde & Tyred Bunny

Stand In Words Editor – Rubbery until next AGPU – volunteers welcome…..

It was starting to get dimpsy as we gathered at South Brent station car park. I was considering
weather I would need an extra layer when Rizzo calls order and tells her the usual joke. Listening
intensely, I hear my name mentioned, something about writing the words. I shook my head and then
to my horror, I heard GHR say “yeah, she`ll do them”. Writing the words is something I’m not too
keen on. Blame GHR if they`re rubbish.
Somebody (sorry can’t remember their name) saw our hash on line and decided to join us. Welcome.
Unfortunately, he didn’t have a torch but was saved by Rizzo who gave him her emergency torch, the
smallest torch I’ve ever seen.
The Hares give us instructions on tonight’s trail, warning us about deathly falls, steep gradients and
tiny ledges. Three log short splits, and off we went.

We started running up towards the back of Brent, over the railway then into the fields. Up and up we
went which seemed to on forever. I was glad of the Toby, he helped me by pulling on his lead, I knew
that all that money wasted on puppy training would pay off.
There was plenty of checks albeit very large ones and plenty of dots.
After all the rain we had had that day, the ground was very slippery. Loads of hashers fell over
including myself.
After passing through loads of fields and stiles We eventually arrived at the gnarly summit, which
was quite slippery. This is where I fell over. It seemed like all downhill from here, although it wasn’t
but compared to what we had just done it seemed like it.
At one point a few of us stragglers were running around a field looking for marks. I ended up in a
farm yard having missed a left tuning over a stile.
Getting back to the carpark was a relief.
She’s Ready was shivering waiting to get her clothes out of the car. I must remember to bring the
spare key.

The Station House Hotel was very welcoming and so was the beer. I resisted the Lovely cakes though.
GHR was the RA tonight so I didn’t see much of him.
The on downs were ordered and GHR started talking his rubbish (I still haven’t forgiving him). I’m
now looking at his notes, he really should have paid more attention at school.
The pub was duly thanked. He said there was no joke tonight, there’s a relief I thought, although that
turned out not to be true.
Gary Glitter tried to follow Toby through a stile rather than go over it. She also gat a smack on the
bum from Tyred Bunny.
Wet Spot fell over on the gnarly (Gaffers new word) bit near the summit, pushed over by Overshot.
As I mentioned earlier, I fell over but landed on Toby’s head, apparently.
Gymslip was straddling a puddle when Blown Off splashed his genitals.
Pony was doing his bit for the South Brent community by finding Lazy Git wandering around
aimlessly and bringing him back to the car park.
Cowpat decided to run through the leet to try to overtake the pack only to fall over when getting out.
Lowtarse, Olive and Barbarella managed to do the whole trail without getting lost, until they got back
to South Brent where they got lost.

Boaty and Barbarella brought along Wardy. Someone thought he was called Wardrobe. When it was
realised that he didn’t have a hash name it was suggested that he is called “coming out of the closet”.
One for the future.
Ging Gang was noted to be wearing new shoes. She was lucky GHR didn’t implement PH3s drinkning
a down down from her shoe.
Gerran, a Cornish visitor took the usual stick regarding cream teas as Gary Glitter was eating one.
Goolie then took it upon himself to call him Cornish for the rest of the evening.
Snot Gobbler was sent out side to eat his Kebab. This was impressive, as you know you normally can
only eat these things when tanked up with 10 pints of beer.
Tyred Bunny got splashed. He thought it was all the rain we had had that day but it was just Olive in
the hedge having a wee.
Dimwit and Gaffer were heard arguing about Russel Brand. One saying he’s innocent (Dimwit) until
proven guilty the other saying he’s because he’s never liked Him (Gaffer). This gave GHR the
opportunity to tell his sexist joke. Oh, and just for the record I do iron his shirts.

Down Downs were awarded to

The Two Virgins
Hares Tyred Bunny & Jyde
Boaty nominated Filth
Some one else?? nominated Little Chef

On On to Cornwood