Hash 1464


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Shipley Bridge
Shipley Bridge, South Brent, TQ10 9EL
Hares: Willy Waver & & Bad Cock
What 3 Words: shunning.epidemics.youths

Event Type

On Down is at the Station House, Menu likely to be meat or veggie curry £5

The Words according to BARBARELLA


Before the Hash even started, there was consternation in the East Allington team bus when newbie, Ash, announced that he had to be home by 10 to “relieve the babysitter”. Mmm, maybe…clearly no-one had told him about the Lost Causes! Boaty received a big cheer for his achievement in finishing the London Marathon on Sunday (it’s not too late to donate to the NSPCC if he didn’t manage to catch up with you whilst you had your wallet open [Ed. keep scrolling down for donation link]), and Twisted Sister received a commendation for her commitment to Hashing by turning up just hours after landing home from somewhere hot!

So, after the customary lame joke, we were off on a light Spring-ish evening, on on up the road towards the Avon Dam. The trail was generally well laid but Triple Top managed to get lost as he followed the silhouette of Re-entry up the hill.

Overshot complained that Triple Top wanted to hold his hand but he followed him off-piste anyway. Does he protest too much…? Gaffer and Who Gives a Shit had a fight over a stile. Come on, children: you need to take turns nicely!

There were three stream crossings, but most hashers managed to keep their feet dry; except for Lowtarse and Yeuk – who managed to slip on a stone and soak herself – Oui Oui (or Wee Wee, if you prefer the post-Brexit iteration) and Know Nuts. Rizzo spurned the marked crossing points and found her own way across the stream, which involved a lot of screaming.

Dickass, Wetspot and Ashley decided to go for a sprint finish (ITS NOT A RACE!!) and, in doing so, missed the last river crossing. This meant that Wetspot missed out on the opportunity to do his usual river-crossing prank of kneeling in the water with just his head protruding.

It being Spring, there were sheep with lambs on the moor, and one lamb had managed to get itself on the opposite side of a fence from its mum. Lactaster attempted to reunite them but was unsuccessful, so just left them to it.

The hares were diligent in their duties up on the moor. Too conscientious for Shaggy and Gaffer, who claimed that they were marking out the checks the wrong way [Ed. not wrong, exactly, just several critical degrees off-target…😂 It was a very well laid trail…(and no-one else seemed to have the same struggles with the ‘helpful’ directional marks through the checks, actually…)] . However, it was good enough to keep the Lost Causes on track, and they eventually met up with Willy Waver on the top of the hill.

Running back, Barbarella explained to him that she was being extra careful as the last time she hashed on the moor she had wrenched her shoulder and, as she was running the Plymouth Half Marathon on Sunday [Ed. Good luck, Barbarella!], she didn’t want any injuries this time. So careful was she that she ignored the view and the magnificent full moon (yes, the Lost Causes were still valiantly plodding on when the moon rose). However, a stray piece of granite popped up in front of her and in the gloom she tripped over it and fell headlong onto the path. Strong words were uttered – fortunately, mostly in Barbarella’s head! However, Willy Waver to the rescue! He announced that he could provide prophylactic Nurofen. Obviously a Boy Scout, he started rummaging in his bag and produced a blister pack of…Viagra [Ed. aphrodisiac Nurofen?!]!

The Lost Causes got back to the almost empty carpark to be greeted by flashing lights and music. Was it a rave? No, it was the RAC van changing Pinky’s wheel!

Down Downs went to:
The Hares, Willy Waver and Badcock for a lovely hash (Ed. and a last-minute recruitment as hares, to boot: hash heroes!)
Boaty MacBoatface for 26.2 miles (in London, the previous weekend)
Lactaster for animal husbandry
Yeuk for wet knickers
Shey – visitor who thinks SH4 is better than Teign Valley. Which of course it is.


🏃 📸 🍻 You can enjoy highlights from the daylight Shipley Bridge hash 1464 on 24 April 2024, and afterwards at The Station House, South Brent, by checking out Hash Flash’s purpose-built photo album on the SH4 Facebook Group 📸 🏃🍻


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HASH 1465 ERMINGTON – 1 May, 2024

Outside The Crooked Spire
Village Square, Ermington
What3Words: recorders.foggy.passion

(Inside) The Crooked Spire

Hares: Doggy Style

– Steak Pasty £4.20
– Cheese Pasty £3.60


For full details, please see the Hash 1465 event page on the SH4 Facebook Group.

Add your photos of the evening’s shenanigans at ERMINGTON (Weds 1 May, 2024) to the Hash 1465 photo album.

📝 If you’re the lucky Scribe at ERMINGTON next week, please submit your edition of The Words to thewords@sh4.org.uk – by Sunday evening (5 May), ideally – thank-you-please! 📝

Massive congratulations, again, to Boaty for completing the London Marathon on Sunday 21 April.

If you would like to add to Boaty’s fundraising total – in aid of the NSPCC – for his Marathon efforts, his JustGiving page for the event is still open – please just click on the link below. All donations very gratefully received!

Donation link: https://rb.gy/yotah7






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