Historical Hash Locations

Hash Map

SH4 have covered most of the South Hams over the years and the map above shows the locations used.   Click on the Pins for location information and a link to the Hashes that have been held at this location.

Date Entry Help Requested

Presently, the map is incomplete, it will be eventually be updated by volunteer data entry drones to show all of the locations we’ve Hashed at, though with 1000+ Hashes to enter, it may take some time for this map to be complete.

If you’d like to volunteer to add some of the data, please contact The Jerk (who can’t and indeed won’t do it all himself).  You needn’t do the lot! Why not pick 6 months or a year’s worth of Hashes to have a go at

Upcoming Hashes

17 Jul
17 Jul 24
24 Jul
24 Jul 24

Recent Hashes

10 Jul
10 Jul 24
03 Jul
3 Jul 24
26 Jun
26 Jun 24
Past Venford Reservoir
23 Jun
23 Jun 24
22 Jun
22 Jun 24
19 Jun
19 Jun 24
12 Jun
12 Jun 24
05 Jun
5 Jun 24
29 May
29 May 24
East Allington